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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Gisela f. Old High German gīsal 'pledge, hostage'.

The name of a 10th C queen consort of the Franks and an 11th C queen consort of Hungary.

Czech Republic
1349 Giczle (dat) chlumecky 103; 1356 Hizsle (dat) ibid. 183, p. 29
1356 Hisla (dat) chlumecky 182, p. 29
c823 Gysla (nom) irminon-vol2 17, Ved; c1000 Gislę (gen) CartSavII 172; c1030 Gisla (nom) StVdM-II 714; 1038 Gisle (gen) ibid. 719, Gislę (gen) ibid. 719; 1135 Gisla (abl) clairvaux-12thc 7
822x875 Ghysla (abl) TradCorb §100; 896 Kisla (nom) quix-vol1 6; 1025 Gisilae (gen) UrkStyria 44, Gislę (gen) ibid. 43; 1028 Gisilae (gen) ibid. 45; 1036 Gisile (gen) ibid. 49; 1041 Gisile (gen) quix-vol1 59; 1147 Gisila (nom) mairhofer XXIV, Gisile (nom) ibid. XXVI; 1151 Gisila (nom) ibid. XXXVII; 1303 Gysla (nom) BremUrk2 no. 29, Gysle (gen) ibid. no. 29
1265x1339 Gesella (nom) BBC-Berg 991, Gisla (nom) ibid. 6
The Netherlands
882 Gislam (acc) OrkGZ no. 59
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