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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Genevieve f. Gothic kuni, Proto-Germanic *kunja 'kin, family' + Proto-Germanic *wība 'woman, wife'.

The name of a 5th-6th C patron saint of Paris and of a heroine in medieval legend.

This name was most popular in France, but can also be found in England.

1222 Geva (gen) StPaulDom p. 26, Geve (gen) ibid. p. 25
1584 Gonofeva AuFr p. 86
Middle French
1573 Genefieue WCS p. 41
c823 Genovefa (nom) irminon-vol2 9, Palatiolum; 1270 Genovefa (nom) NDParisII 2-XLI; 1273 Genovefa (nom) ibid. 2-XLIII
Old French
1296 Genevieve paris1296 p. 10; 1313 Genevieve Paris1313 p. 24, Jenevieve ibid. p. 44
1296 Genevote paris1296 p.54
Middle French
1455 Genevieve HRAVP-3 p. 354; 1565 Geneviesve RegPCC-1 p. 155, Genevièfe ibid. p. 193; 1568 Genevièfe ibid. p. 396; 1587 Geneviefve RTFProvins 257
1421 Genevote favier 908
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