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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Gauzo m. A hypocoristic of any of various names beginning with Tribal name Gaut 'Geat', deriving from Proto-Germanic *Gautaz.

Diminutive forms such as Jos(s/c)el(y/i)n(e) can also sometimes be diminutives of Jodocus.

1176 Gocelino (abl) CartStBert 22
Czech Republic
1348 Goslinus (nom) chlumecky 10
1185x1186 Joscelinus (nom) PR-XXXVI p. 6; 1189 Gocelini (gen) GASurv p. 127, Gocelinus (nom) ibid. p. 105; 1222 Goscelini (gen) StPaulDom p. 106; 1381 Gocelinus (nom) FenPT-2 p. 8
Early Modern English
1482–3 josselyn BreadBk p. 14; 1485 Gessilyne WillsInv LXIX
1180 Josce (gen) RotScaNor p. 16
1032x1064 Gauslinus (nom) LDS LV; 1047 Gosleni (gen) CartNDSaintes II, Joscelini (gen) ibid. II; 1067 Goscelini (gen) ibid. XII; 1067x1074 Goscelinus (nom) ibid. XIII; 1067x1086 Goscelini (gen) ibid. XIV; 1079x1081 Joscelino (abl) ibid. XXI; 1079x1101 Gausleni (gen) CartStPC IX, Gausleno (abl) ibid. IX, Gauslenus (nom) ibid. IX; 1090x1101 Gauslinus (nom) ibid. XLIII; 1107 Gauslini (gen) ibid. XVII, Gauslino (dat) ibid. XVII, Gauslinus (nom) ibid. XVII, Goslinus (nom) ibid. V, Joscelinus (nom) ibid. XVII; 1115x1149 Gauslenus (nom) ibid. X; 1119 Gocelinus (nom) CartNDJosaphat VII; c1120 Goscelini (gen) CartNoyers CDXXXVI; 1121 Gocelinus (nom) clairvaux-12thc 1; 1123 Goscelinus (nom) CartYonne1 CXXXIV, Jocelinus (nom) ibid. CXXXVI; 1130x1150 Gauslinus (nom) CartStPC XXVII; 1131 Goscelino (abl) CartNDSaintes XXII; 1135 Joscelinus (nom) clairvaux-12thc 7; 1141 Gosleno (abl) CartNDdOurscamp CXXXI; 1146 Goislenus (nom) ibid. CXII; 1163 Joscelinus (nom) clairvaux-12thc 95; 1171 Joscelinus (nom) ibid. 141; 1179 Joscelini (gen) ibid. 178, Joscelinus (nom) ibid. 177, Joslenus (nom) ibid. 180; 1180 Goscelino (abl) RotScaNor p. 35, Joislini (gen) ibid. p. 22, Joscelino (abl) ibid. p. 12, Joscelinus (nom) ibid. p. 4; 1378 Gosselini (gen) hanquetvol1 2358
Old French
1302x1303 Gosset (obl) ArchReimsII1 XXX
fin12thC Gocelinus (nom) MunDocIr III, p. 20
1115 Goscelino (dat) CartNDJosaphat VI; 1120 Goscelino (abl) ibid. VIII, Goscelinus (nom) ibid. VIII
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