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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Felicia f. Latin felicia 'happy; blessed, lucky, fortunate; fertile'. Fem. of Felix.

The English vernacular ffylys is witnessed in 1379 in the relational byname ffylyssoñ (WRYPT1 p. 308).

1222 Felicia (nom) StPaulDom p. 16; 1279–80 Felicia (nom) WaHR-SK p. 27, Felicie (gen) ibid. p. 86; 1340xc1450 Felicia (nom) CovGuild-1 p. 7, Felisia (nom) ibid. p. 7, ffelicia (nom) ibid. p. 8; 1379 Filisia (nom) WRYPT1 p. 8, ffelix (nom) ibid. p. 2; 1381 Felis (nom) Suffolk1381 p. 86; 1485–1486 ffelicia (abl) CovGuild-2 p. 60; 1591 ffelix (nom) RegSoAMar p. 15
Early Modern English
1551 Felysse BarnstapleBap p. 7; 1560 Pheles DU-DSMMar; 1561 Felys BarnstapleBap p. 11; 1562 Felys ibid. p. 12; 1569 Felice BEmar-vol1 p. 8; 1588 ffelse RegSoAMar p. 14
Old French
1296 Felize paris1296 p. 26
1527 Felix (nom) Rome1527 p. 89
954 felicia (nom) CDGH XLVII
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