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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Erhard m. Old High German, Old Saxon era 'honor' + Old Saxon hard, Old High German hart 'strong, hard'.

The name of a 7th C German saint.

Some forms are difficult to distinguish from Herard.

Early New High German
1506 Erhart (nom) ChronSH p. 12
1597x1598 Eraerdt BoonenGes p. 322, Eraert ibid. p. 376
Czech Republic
1343 Erhardo (dat) Rössler2 40, p. 22, Erhardum (acc) ibid. 40, p. 22, Erhardus (nom) ibid. 40, p. 22
1163–64 Erardus (nom) clairvaux-12thc 118; 1164 Erardus (nom) ibid. 121
Old French
1313 Erart Paris1313 p. 95
Middle French
1418 Erart DdB1418 p. 196, HGParis p. 372; 1421 Erard favier 1268; 1423 Erart ibid. 245
1418 Erardin DdB1418 p. 203, HGParis p. 378
1401 Erhardo (dat) HD1401 no. 181; 1415 Erhardo (abl) mairhofer DCC
Early New High German
1408 Erhard (nom) UrkJen2 14; 1421 Erhard (nom) mairhofer DCCXVII; 1497 Erhart Nurn1497 p. 2
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