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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Berard m. Old High German, Old Saxon bero 'bear' + Old Saxon hard, Old High German hart 'strong, hard'.

993x1000 Berrardi (gen) St-Barnard-Romans no. 89, Berrardus (nom) ibid. no. 89; c1000 Berardi (gen) CartSavII 172; 1029x1033 Berardus (nom) CartStPC XII; 1044 Berardus (nom) StVdM-II 659; 1147 Berardus (nom) CartNDdOurscamp XCVII; 1241 Berardi (gen) NDParisII 2-CXII
1042 Berhardus (gen) quix-vol1 24
1224 Berardus (nom) hennes-vol1 65; 1265x1339 Berardi (gen) BBC-Berg 759; 1285 Berardi (gen) Perugia1285 p. 154; 1348 Berardi (gen) INP 13; 1370 Berardi (gen) Livi 257; 1387 Berardi (gen) Venditti II-60, Berardus (nom) ibid. II-2056
1285 Berardelli (gen) Perugia1285 p. 154, Berardutii (gen) ibid. p. 158; 1521 Berardini (gen) VitAs2 V; 1522x1532 Barardinus (nom) DSF p. 52, 30, Berardinus (nom) ibid. p. 51, 7
1513x1521 Berardino LeoX p. 25
The Netherlands
850 Berhard (nom) OrkGZ no. 41
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