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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Ansgar m. Old English ōs, Old High German *ans, ans-, ansi-, Old Norse áss, óss 'god, deity' + Old English gār, Old High German, Old Saxon gēr, Old Norse geirr 'spear'.

The name of a 9th C saint.

1320 Esgeri (gen) MIRGPCM4 XVI-III; 1362 Esgerus (nom) ibid. XVI-V
967 Osgar (nom) CDAS DXXXIII; 1189 Esgari (gen) GASurv p. 225, Esgarus (nom) ibid. p. 223
c823 Ansegarius (nom) irminon-vol2 31, Gaugiacum, Osegarius (nom) ibid. 62, Osgarius (nom) ibid. 3, CE; 1044 Ascherii (gen) StVdM-II 659; 1135 Anscherii (gen) clairvaux-12thc 7, Anscherius (nom) ibid. 7; 1163–64 Ancherus (nom) ibid. 115, Anscherus (nom) ibid. 115; 1164 Anscherus (nom) ibid. 121; 1179 Anschero (abl) ibid. 177, Anscherus (nom) ibid. 179
822x875 Asger (nom) TradCorb §184; 834 Ansgario (abl) HambUrk-vol1 VIII; 842 Ansgarii (gen) ibid. X, Ansgarius (nom) ibid. X; 846 Anschario (dat) ibid. XI; 847 Ansgario (abl) ibid. XII; 849 Anscario (dat) ibid. XIII; 858 Anscharium (acc) ibid. XIV, Ansgari (gen) ibid. XIV, Ansgarii (gen) ibid. XIV, Ansgarium (acc) ibid. XIV, Ansgarius (nom) ibid. XIV; 864 Ansgarii (gen) ibid. XVI, Ansgarium (acc) ibid. XVI; 865 Ansgarius (nom) ibid. XVII, Anskario (abl) ibid. XVIII, Anskarius (nom) ibid. XVIII; 891 Ansgario (abl) ibid. XXIV
Middle Low German
1304 Anscharius (nom) BremUrk2 no. 38
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