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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Agino m. Old French agin lengthened from Proto-Germanic *agio 'blade', or a pet form of any of various names with this prototheme.

700 Aino (nom) DCEL-2 XIII; 1135 Agno (nom) clairvaux-12thc 7, Agnone (abl) ibid. 7; 1147 Agno (nom) ibid. 14, Agnone (abl) ibid. 14
1020 Egeno (nom) quix-vol1 58; 1142 Egeno (nom) mairhofer I; 1217 Egeno (nom) hennes-vol1 28; 1322 Egeno (nom) SMM p. 162, Egenonis (gen) ibid. p. 160; 1394 Egno (nom) ibid. p. 176, Egnonis (gen) ibid. p. 170
1237 Egenoni (dat) TirNot1 578, Egenonis (gen) ibid. 578; 1245 Egeno (nom) hennes-vol1 120
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