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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Adaldag m. Old High German adal 'noble' + Old Saxon, Old Dutch dag, Old High German tag 'day'.

822x875 Adaldagus (nom) TradCorb §116; 937 Adaldado (dat) HambUrk-vol1 XXXIII, Adaldag (nom) ibid. XXXI; 946 Adaldago (dat) ibid. XXXIV; 948 Adaldago (dat) ibid. XXXV; 965 Adaldagi (gen) ibid. XLI; 965x73 Etheldagi (gen) ibid. XL; 966 Adaldagi (gen) ibid. XLIII; 967 Adaldagus (nom) ibid. XLIV; 983 Adaldagus (nom) ibid. XLVI; 983x87 Adaldagi (gen) ibid. XLVII; 987 Adaldagus (nom) ibid. XLVIII; 988 Adaldagi (gen) ibid. L
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