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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Ferdinand m. Old High German fridu, Old Saxon frithu 'peace' + Proto-Germanic *nanþ- 'brave, daring'.

The name of an 11th C emperor of Spain and king of Castile and León, the birth name of a 12th C Italian saint, a 12th C king of León, a 13th C king of Castile and León, a 13th-14th C king of Castile and León, a 14th C king of Portugal, a 15th C king of Aragon, two 15th C kings of Naples, a 15th-16th C king of Aragon, Castile, and León, and a 16th C Holy Roman emperor and king of Germany, Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia.

The name reached Spain via the Visigoths, and spread throughout the rest of Europe in the 16th C as a result of the Habsburgs, who are the cause of its use in the Low Countries.

1574 Ferdinandus AuFr Dotignij; 1575 Ferdinandus ibid. Dotignij; 1579 Ferdinandus ibid. Dottegnie; 1581 Fernandus ibid. Dottenij
Early Modern English
1581? Fardinando COmar-vol5 p. 127; 1583 Fernando bruton-vol1 p. 45; 1592 Ferdinando DEmar-vol2 p. 25
1069 Ferrandus (nom) StVdM-II 717; 1378 Fernandus (nom) hanquetvol1 2279
Middle French
1392 Ferrant MemBret-II col. 601; 1421 Ferrant favier 1144
1392 Ferrandin MemBret-II col. 603
1317 Ferdinandus (nom) CDH-VIII-II III
1376 Feradi (gen) DouGen1 p. 216, Ferandi (gen) ibid. p. 221; 1522x1532 Ferdinandus (nom) DSF p. 52, 35; 1527 Ferdinandi (gen) Rome1527 p. 84
1522x1532 Ferrandina (nom) DSF p. 58, 29
The Netherlands
1573 Ferdinando MagMiddelburg-1560, Fernando ibid.; 1574 Ferdinando ibid.; 1575 Ferdinande ibid., Ferdinandus ibid.; 1576 Fernando ibid.; 1577 Ferdinando ibid.; 1578 Ferdinando ibid., Ferdinandus ibid.; 1579 Ferdinandus ibid.; 1582 Ferdinando ibid.; 1583 Fernando ibid.; 1584 Ferdinando ibid.; 1586 Fernando ibid.; 1587 Ferdinando ibid.; 1588 Fernando ibid.; 1589 Ferdinando ibid.; 1590 Ferdinando ibid.; 1591 Ferdinando ibid.; 1593 Ferdinando ibid.; 1594 Ferdinando ibid.; 1595 Ferdinando ibid.; 1596 Ferdinando ibid.; 1597 Ferdinando ibid.; 1598 Ferdinando ibid.; 1599 Ferdinando ibid.
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1225 Fernandes (gen) PHGCRP-I no. 15
1145 Fernandez (gen) AnnOPraem-2 col. ccccxxvi, Fernando (abl) ibid. col. ccccxxvi; 1276 fernandi (gen) CDGH XLVI, fernando (dat) ibid. XLVI; 1490 Ferrandi (gen) carbonell-I p. 44; 1492 Ferrandi (gen) ibid. p. 65
1488 Ferrando carbonell-I p. 19; 1510 Errando valencia1510 4531, Ferrando ibid. 3123
Old Spanish
1225 Ferrand PHGCRP-I no. 15, Ferrandes (gen) ibid. no. 15
1326 Fernan deMoxo; 1330 Fernan ibid., Ferran ibid.; 1331 Fernan ibid.; 1334 Fernan ibid.; 1336 Fernan ibid.; 1376 Fernando (nom) SanzSerrano; 1496 Fernando olite1496 p. 182; 1540 Fernán SanzSerrano; 1567 Fernando ibid., Hernando ibid.; 1575 Hernan Catalogo-5.2 3816, Hernando ibid. 3810; 1576 Hernan ibid. 3955, Hernando ibid. 3875
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