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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Basil m. Greek βασιλεύς 'king'.

The name of four 4th C saints, an 8th C saint, a 9th C Byzantine emperor, a 10th C Byzantine emperor, an 11th C Byzantine emperor, a 14th C emperor of Trebizond, a 14th C grand prince of Moscow, two 15th C grand princes of Moscow, a 16th C Russian saint, and a 16th C Russian czar.

Early Modern Swedish
1548 Paxille (nom) Audén1980 p. 169., Wasill (nom) ibid. p. 169, Wasils (gen) ibid. p. 168, Wassill (nom) ibid. p. 170; 1582 Waizeilie (nom) ibid. p. 172, Watzeilie (nom) ibid. p. 172
1582 Waska (nom) Audén1980 p. 172, Waske (nom) ibid. p. 172, Wiska (nom) ibid. p. 172
1067 Basilius (nom) CartNDSaintes XII; 1121 Basilio (abl) CartNDJosaphat IX
1348 Basilis (gen) INP 3
1287 Wassile (nom) RigSB 491; 1302 Wasile (gen) ibid. 91
Middle Low German
1465 Wassile Mettig1892 p. 4
1479 Waszyl (nom) AGZ-18 CVIII-1305; 1480 Vaszyl (nom) ibid. CIX-1313
1479 Wasko (nom) AGZ-18 CVIII-1305
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