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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Archibald m. Old High German erchan 'sublime, special; chief; ge nuine, true' + Old High German bald 'bold'.

The Old German form of the name is Erchambold, but the m was retained only in French and Italian. In Scotland, Archibald was a common name amongst the earls and dukes of Douglas, Moray, Argyll, and Angus, and was often used as a translation of the Gaelic name Giolla Easpuig.

Early Modern English
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c823 Ercamboldus (nom) irminon-vol2 3, Gaugiacum; 994 Archimboldi (gen) CartSavII 7; 1047 Archembaudus (nom) CartNDSaintes II; 1133 Herchembaldi (gen) CartNDdOurscamp XXX
855 Ercamboldus (nom) quix-vol1 3; 1018 Erckenbaldi (gen) ibid. 57; 1020 Ercanboldi (gen) ibid. 23
1214–1226 Archebaldo (abl) morton-vol1 1, Arkebaldo (abl) ibid. 2; 1385 Archebaldo (abl) ibid. 8; 1387 Archibaldo (abl) CartLevenax p. 10; 1392 Archibaldo (abl) ibid. p. 11; 1424 Archebaldi (gen) RMSRS-2 12, Archibaldi (gen) ibid. 13; 1425 Archibaldo (dat) ibid. 19; 1426 Archibaldus (nom) ibid. 49; 1578 Archibaldus (nom) morton-vol1 15
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