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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources
Huw Pryce, editor. Acts of the Welsh Rulers 1120-1283. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1st edition, 2005.
Cadelli Cadellus Cadewallaunt Cadugaun Cadwalader Cadwalader Catel David David David Gwin Henrici Heuel Hewel Hewel Hoel Howel Howel Howel Howeli Howell Iaco Iacob Ioab Iohannes Iohannis Ithael Kadugano Katwaladyr Laurentio Leulini Leulinum Lewelini Lewelinus Lowelin Maddoc Maddoc' Madoco Madocum Madocus Madocus Madog Maredud Maredut Mareduth Mereduc Mereduc' Meredyth Meuric Meuric Meurig Meuryg Meyrig Meyrug Milo Morgant Morgant Owini Philippo Res' Ris Roberti Roberti Robertus Rodri Seisil