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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources
L. R. Poos and Lloyd Bonfield, editors. Select Cases in Manorial Courts 1250-1550, volume CXIV of Publications of the Selden Society. London: Selden Society, 1998.
Adam Ade Agneti Andreas Cecilia Ceciliam Cecilie Edwardi Emme Galfridum Gundrede Hamonem Hauwisie Henrico Henricum Henricus Hugonem Isabella Isabella Johanna Johannam Johanne Johanne Johannem Johannem Johannem Johannes Johannes Johannes Johanni Johanni Johanni Johannis Johannis Johannis Johannis Margareta Margarete Nicholaus Philippi Philippo Philippus Radulphum Radulphum Ricardi Ricardi Ricardi Ricardi Ricardo Ricardum Ricardum Ricardus Ricardus Roberti Roberti Roberti Roberti Roberti Roberto Roberto Robertum Robertum Robertum Robertum Robertum Robertum Robertus Robertus Robertus Robertus Robertus Stephani Stephano Stephano Stephano Stephano Stephanus Stephanus Symonem Thoma Thomam Thomam Thomam Thomas Thomas Thomas Thome Thome Walteri Walteri Walteri Waltero Waltero Waltero Walterum Walterus Walterus Walterus Willelmi Willelmo Willelmum Willelmum Willelmum Willelmus