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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources
Geoffrey Templeman, editor. The Records of the Guild of the Holy Trinity, St. Mary, St. John the Baptist, and St. Katherine of Coventry, volume 2. Oxford: University Press for the Dugdale Society, 1944.
Adam Ade Agneis Agnes Agnes Agnes Agneta Alano Alexander Alexander Alic Alice Alice Alicia Alise Alyis Alys Angneta Antony Archebolt Archepole Archepole Arthur Arture Catryne Christiane Christopher Christopher Clement Clement Cuthberd Cuthbert Dauy Dauy Dauy David' Davie Davy Derike Edmond Edmonde Edmundo Edward Edwardo Egidio Elena Elia Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabetha Elsabethe Elyne Elynor Elys Elyzabethe Emmota Galfrido George George Grace Grace Harry Henrici Henrico Henry Herre Hery Hugh Hugone Humfrey Isabel Isabell Jacobo James Jeffrey Jeffrey Johan Johane Johane Johanna Johanna Johanne Johannem Johannes Johannis John John John John John Jone Jone Juliana Jylys Katerina Kateryn Kateryn Katheryn Laurence Laurentio Laurentius Margaret Margareta Margarete Margeri Margerie Margerie Mathew Mathew Matilda Mauricio Mawde Mores Mores Morres Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Nicolas Nycholas Nycholas Owen Owen Owyn Patricke Patrike Peres Petri Petro Philip Philippe Philippo Phillipe Philypp Radulfo Raff Raffe Rauf Rauf Rauff Rauff Ricardi Ricardo Ricardus Richard Richard Richard Robart Robart Robert Robert Robert Roberto Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger Rogero Rogerus Rogier Rychard Rychard Sible Symon Thoma Thomam Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thome Thome Vmfrido Walter Walter Will Will Willelmi Willelmo Willelmum Willelmus William William William William Wylliam Yames ffelicia ffraunceys henry henry henrye hugh hughe humfrey humfrey laurence margarete patryk philip