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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources
C. W. Foster, editor. Lincoln Wills, Volume III, A.D. 1530 to 1532, volume 24 of Lincoln Record Society. London: J. W. Ruddock & Sons, 1930.
Adam Adam Adelyne Agathe Agnes Alan Alane Albane Alexander Alice Alicie Alison Alyce Alys Alyson Ame An Androwe Anne Anthonio Anthony Anys Arthure Auys Avys Barbara Barnard Bartholomew Beatrice Beatrix Bennyt Bernarde Beteres Betterys Brian Brianno Brigyt Bryan Catheryn Catheryne Cecile Cecill Cecily Charlys Cristian Cristiane Cristofer Crystian Crystyan Dauyd Dianes Diones Dorethe Dorothe Edmund Edmunde Edward Edwarde Elezabeth Elisabethe Elizabeth Elizabetha Elizabethe Elizabȝ Elsabethe Em Emmot Emot Esabell Francis Frauncys Garardes Geffrey George Godfrey Grace Gregory Gylbart Gylberd Gylbert Gylys Halyson Helen Helene Helioner Hellyn Henri Henry Henrye Herry Heugh Hew Hewes Hue Hugh Humfrey Isabell Issabell Jacobo Jamys Jane Janett Jayn Jenat Jenet Jennet Jhon Johan Johanne Johanne Johannes Johanni John John Julyan Katheryne Kesaunder Laurance Laurenc Laurence Lawrence Lennard Lettes Lucie Malde Marcy Mare Margaret Margery Marget Margret Marion Martyn Mary Marye Maryon Mathew Mathewe Mawd Mawde Michael Michel Michell Morys Myghell Mylis Mylys Nicholaum Nicholes Nycoles Nycollys Oliuer Patryk Peter Petur Philip Phylip Putur Ralffe Rauff Rawff Rawffe Rayff Ricardo Richard Richard Richarde Richer Richerd Richerde Robart Robert Robert Roberte Robertes Roberto Rogar Roger Roland Rolland Rychard Rycherd Secily Sibbell Simon Simond Stephyn Steven Stevyn Symkyn Symon Thomas Thomas Thomasyne Thome Vincent Walter Water Willelmo Willelmus William Willielmum Wylliam Wylliam Yngram