Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Tiberius m. Latin Tiberius 'of the river Tiber'.

The name of a 1st C Roman emperor, a 4th C martyr and saint, a 6th C Byzantine emperor, a 7th C Byzantine co-emperor, a 7th-8th C Byzantine emperor, and an 8th C Byzantine co-emperor.

858 Tiberii (gen) HambUrk-vol1 XIV; 864 Tiberii (gen) ibid. XVI
581 Tiberio (abl) CartYonne1 II; 1490 Tiberio (abl) VitAs2 III, Tiberius (nom) ibid. I; 1521 Tiberio (abl) ibid. III; 1522x1532 Tiberius (nom) DSF p. 53, 43; 1527 Tiberius (nom) Rome1527 p. 84
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