Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Stanislav m. Slavic stan 'to stand, to hold, to become' + Slavic sława, slava 'glory, fame'.

The name of an 11th C Polish saint and a 15th C Polish saint.

Czech Republic
1350 Stankoni (dat) chlumecky 169
1545 Stanislaw (nom) Kaunas2006 p. 83; 1551x1555 Stanislawa (gen) ibid. p. 85
1545 Stasskowy (dat) Kaunas2006 p. 85; 1561x1565 Stasia ibid. p. 85, Stasis (nom) ibid. p. 83, Staska (gen) ibid. p. 85, Stasz (nom) ibid. p. 86
1469 Stanislai (gen) AGZ-18 34, Stanislao (abl) ibid. 11, Stanislaum (acc) ibid. 19; 1480 Stanislaus (nom) ibid. CIX-1316
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