Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Sigbert m. Old High German sigu 'victory' + Old High German beraht, Old Saxon berht 'bright' from Proto-Germanic *berhtaz.

The name of several early Frankish and Anglo-Saxon kings.

565 Sigiberto (abl) DCEL-2 Add. II; c653 Sigibertus (nom) ibid. Add. III; c823 Sigebertus (nom) irminon-vol2 8, Palatiolum; 1378 Siberto (dat) hanquetvol1 1564
822x875 Siberto (abl) TradCorb §183, Sibertus (nom) ibid. §138, Sigiberto (abl) ibid. §96, Sigibertus (nom) ibid. §96; 1061 Sibertus (nom) quix-vol1 60; 1137 Sigiberti (gen) ibid. 102; 1214 Sibertus (nom) hennes-vol1 15; 1216 Sigibertus (nom) ibid. 20; 1220 Sibertus (nom) ibid. 45; 1221 Sibertus (nom) ibid. 57
655 Sigeberti (gen) CartStBav 1; 828 Sigiperht (nom) FRA-XXXL 13
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