Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Rene m. Latin renatus 'reborn'.

The name of a legendary 5th C saint, a 15th C king of Naples, and a 16th C prince of Orange.

Middle French
1421 René Laroche no. 6; 1440 Regné ibid. no. 5, René ibid. no. 5; 1564 Regne RegPCC-1 p. 63; 1565 Regné ibid. p. 144; 1566 Règne ibid. p. 207; 1567 Regne ibid. p. 355, Règne ibid. p. 354; 1571 Regne ibid. p. 610, Règne ibid. p. 462
Middle French
1501 Rene MHCG2 271; 1550 Regne ibid. 321
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