Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Osanna f. Aramaic אושענא, Hebrew הוֹשַׁענָא 'please save'.

The name was moderately popular in England and France in the 12th C.

1189 Osanna (nom) GASurv p. 139, Osanne (gen) ibid. p. 147; 1381 Osanna (nom) FenPT-2 p. 6
c823 Osanna (nom) irminon-vol2 24, Palatiolum; 1138x1162 Osanna (abl) clairvaux-12thc 92; 1147 Osanna (abl) ibid. 18; 1179 Osanna (abl) ibid. 176, Ossanna (abl) ibid. 178; 1180 Osanna (abl) RotScaNor p. 35, Osenna (nom) ibid. p. 23; 1222 Osanna (abl) NDParisII 2-XCI, Osannam (acc) ibid. 2-XCI
Old French
1292 Osanne (obl) HistHdVParis p. 112; 1296 Ozanne paris1296 p. 11
1234 Osanna (nom) hennes-vol1 92
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