Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Olaf m. Proto-Norse *anu- 'ancestor' + *-laibaʀ 'remainder'.

The name of a 9th C king of Sweden, a 9th C king of Dublin, a 10th C king of Sweden, 10th C king of Norway, two 10th C kings of Dublin, a 10th C king of the Scots, a 10th C king of Limerick, a 10th C king of Dublin and Northumbria, an 11th C king of Norway and saint, another 11th C king of Norway, a 12th C king of Norway, a 12th C king of the Isles, a 12th C Danish anti-king, a 13th C king of Mann, and a 14th C king of Norway and Denmark.

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Early Modern Swedish
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