Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Nicaise m. Latin Nicasius, a Roman cognomen derived from Greek Νίκη, the goddess of victory.

The name of a legendary 3rd C martyr, a 5th C French saint, a 12th C Italian martyr, and a 16th C Dutch martyr.

1378 Nicasio (dat) hanquetvol1 151, Nichasio (dat) ibid. 567, Nichasius (nom) ibid. 1406
Old French
1296 Nichaise paris1296 p. 17; 1313 Nicaise Paris1313 p. 48
Middle French
1418 Nicaise HGParis p. 380; 1421 Nicaise favier 525; 1423 Nicaise ibid. 408
1421 Caisin favier 120
1510 Nicasi valencia1510 1616
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