Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Nathaniel m. Hebrew נְתַנְאֵל 'God has given'.

The name of a New Testament apostle. Wycliffite Bible (1395): Nathanael.

The name came into use among Protestants in the 16th C.

1574 Nathanael AuFr Dale; 1576 Nathanael ibid. Eduwarts; 1583 Nathanael ibid. Geerards; 1591 Nathaniel ibid. Damme; 1595 Nathaniel ibid. Cambier
Early Modern English
1563 Nathaniell StAnthonlin p. 15; 1568 Nathaniell ibid. p. 19; 1596 Nathaniell ibid. p. 38
Middle Low German
1524x1532 Nanu (nom) Saareste1923a p. 104, Nany (gen) Saareste1923b p. 137, Nhaen (nom) ibid. p. 138, Nhan (nom) ibid. p. 139, Nhaͣen (nom) ibid. p. 139, naen (nom) ibid. p. 139, nhaͤn (nom) ibid. p. 137; 1592 nan Tiik1977 p. 286
Middle French
1572 Nathanaël RegPCC-1 p. 513
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