Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Luther m. Old High German liut 'people' + Old High German heri 'host, army' or Ancient Greek έλεύθερος 'free'.

711 Leotarius (nom) CartYonne1 IX; c823 Lederius (nom) irminon-vol2 46, Ved, Leutharius (nom) ibid. 96, Palatiolum, Leutharus (nom) ibid. 7, Gaugiacum
822x875 Liudharius (nom) TradCorb §149, Liutharius (nom) ibid. §56, Luithario (abl) ibid. §136; 896 Luitharij (gen) quix-vol1 6; 963x1023 Leutheri (nom) TradCorb §226; 1064 Lutharius (nom) quix-vol1 92; 1149 Luitherus (nom) mairhofer XXXIII; 1238 Luderi (gen) CDL-1.1.1 XVI, Luderum (acc) ibid. XVI, Luderus (nom) ibid. XVII
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