Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Leah f. Hebrew לֵאָה, of uncertain origin.

The name of an Old Testament character. Wycliffite Bible (1395): Lya.

The name came into use with the Protestants.

Cf. Lea, an unrelated name that is sometimes spelled the same.

1578 Lea AuFr Keijsere; 1583 Lea ibid. Tucks; 1584 Lea ibid. Pifferoens; 1592 Lea ibid. Wolbort
Middle French
1588 Lea WCS p. 48
1581 Lea RWC p. 3; 1582/3 Lea ibid. p. 5; 1590 Lea ibid. p. 14; 1590/1 Lea ibid. p. 15; 1591 Lea ibid. p. 17; 1592 Lea ibid. p. 21; 1593 Lea ibid. p. 26; 1593/4 Lea ibid. p. 30
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