Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Ivo m. Old French Yve(s), Yvon of uncertain origin but possibly related to Gaulish ivo, Proto-Germanic *īwaz 'yew'.

The name of an 11th C French saint, an 11th C Cornish saint, and 14th C patron saint of Brittany.

1189 Ivo (nom) GASurv p. 106, Ivonis (gen) ibid. p. 108; 1349 Yvone (abl) SocAntNor-3-3 no. 11; 1381 Ive (nom) Suffolk1381 p. 73
1029x1033 Yvo (nom) CartStPC XII; 1050 Ivonis (gen) St-Bernard-Romans no. 100; 1090x1101 Ivonis (gen) CartStPC XLIII; 1093 Ivo (nom) ibid. VI; 1102x1144 Ivo (nom) ibid. XLV; 1107 Ivo (nom) ibid. V, Ivone (abl) ibid. XVII; 1127 Ivo (nom) ibid. XIX, Ivonis (gen) ibid. XIX; c1147 Ivonis (gen) CartNDdOurscamp LXII; c1170 Yvo (nom) ibid. LXXXIV; 1180 Ivonis (gen) RotScaNor pp. 10-11; 1187 Ivonis (gen) CartNDdOurscamp LVII; 1190 Ivo (nom) ibid. CIII; 1269 Yvonis (gen) NDParisII 2-III; 1270 Yvonis (gen) ibid. 2-XLI; 1273 Yvo (nom) ibid. 2-XLIII; 1378 Ivo (nom) hanquetvol1 1297, Yvonis (gen) ibid. 351
1260 Yvonetus (nom) ArrestReg-volI XXI, Ascension
Old French
1296 Yve paris1296 p. 34, Yves ibid. p. 13; 1313 Yve Paris1313 p. 92, Yves ibid. p. 25, Yvon ibid. p. 16
1296 Yvon paris1296 p. 51
Middle French
1392 Yvon MemBret-II col. 611; 1562 Yves RegPCC-1 p. 12; 1563 Yves ibid. p. 31; 1564 Yves ibid. p. 63; 1566 Yves ibid. p. 231; 1568 Yvon ibid. p. 403
1392 Yvonnet MemBret-II col. 605; 1418 Yvonnet HGParis p. 375; 1421 Yvon favier 530, Yvonnet ibid. 162
963x1023 Juo (nom) TradCorb §228
fin12thC Iuo (nom) MunDocIr III, p. 15
1070x1093 Ivo (abl) ESC X
1247 Yvone (abl) ArchCambIII p. 228
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