Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Guya f. Fem. of Guy.

The diminutive Guittelina shows the retention of the original Old German root.

Early Modern English
1550 Guy BEmar-vol1 p. 4
1147 Guittelina (abl) clairvaux-12thc 15; 1179 Guiota (abl) ibid. 172, Guiotta (abl) ibid. 173
Middle French
1421 Guiote favier 932, Guiotte ibid. 542; 1562 Guyonne RegPCC-1 p. 530; 1568 Guyonne ibid. p. 421; 1571 Gionne ibid. p. 582, Guionne ibid. p. 581; 1572 Guionne ibid. p. 522
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