Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Gustav m. Tribal name Gaut 'Geat, Goth' + Old Icelandic stafr 'staff'.

The name of a a 16th C king of Sweden.

Old Swedish
1419 Gøtzstaffs (gen) SDHK no. 19326
1350 Godstauus (nom) SDHK no. 6020, Gyøstauus (nom) ibid. no. 6002, Gødzstauo (dat) ibid. no. 6010, Gøstaff (nom) ibid. no. 6046, Gøstaui (gen) ibid. no. 6015
Old Swedish
1352 Gøstaff (nom) SDHK no. 6314; 1376 Gøtzstaf (gen) ibid. no. 10824; 1383 Gödzstafs (gen) SRA-vol2 no. 1918; 1406 Giöstaff (gen) SDHK no. 16646; 1408 Gødzstaf (nom) ibid. no. 17116; 1409 Gøtzstaff (nom) ibid. no. 17217; 1418 Gøtzstaffs (gen) ibid. no. 19090
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