Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Erik m. Either Proto-Norse *aiwa 'eternal' or Proto-Norse *ainaz 'one' + Proto-Germanic *rīkijaz 'ruler'.

The name of two legendary kings of Sweden, a semi-legendary 9th C king of Sweden, two 9th C kings of Sweden, two 10th C kings of Norway and Northumbria, two 12th C kings of Denmark, a 12th C king of Sweden, two 13th C kings of Denmark, a 13th C king of Norway, two 13th C kings of Sweden, a 13th-14th C king of Denmark, a 14th C king of Sweden, a 14th-15th C king of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, and a 16th C king of Sweden.

Middle Low German
1437 Erick BbRT p. 360
Early Modern Swedish
1576 Errick (nom) Hiiumaa p. 182
Early Modern Swedish
1548 Erich Audén1980 p. 168; 1559 Erich ibid. p. 166, Erichs (gen) ibid. p. 166
1548 Ers (gen) Audén1980 p. 168
1163–64 Eiricus (nom) clairvaux-12thc 118; 1164 Eiricus (nom) ibid. 121
Middle Icelandic
1495 Eijriks (gen) DipIs-7 307
1350 Erici (gen) SDHK no. 6034, Erico (dat) ibid. no. 6037; 1383 Erici (gen) SRA-vol2 no. 1914, Ericus (nom) ibid. no. 1908
Old Swedish
1383 Ereker SRA-vol2 no. 1925, Erics (gen) ibid. no. 1917, Erik ibid. no. 1898, Eriker ibid. no. 1934, Erikir ibid. no. 1933, Erix (gen) ibid. no. 1934; 1409 Eric (gen) SDHK no. 17268, Erich (nom) ibid. no. 17269, Erichz (gen) ibid. no. 17269, Erik (gen) ibid. no. 17265, Erikx (gen) ibid. no. 17265, Erix (gen) ibid. no. 17263
Early Modern Swedish
1543 Erich (nom) Audén1980 p. 164; 1571 Erichs (gen) ibid. p. 164
1543 Ers (gen) Audén1980 p. 164
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