Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Engel m. Old High German engil 'angel', used both as a standalone name, and as a pet form of any name with this as a prototheme.

Czech Republic
Middle High German
1390 Engel (nom) Rössler1 119
1580 Engel AuFr Engelborcht
Middle Low German
1405 Engelke BbRT p. 344; 1437 Engelke ibid. p. 360, Engelkken ibid. p. 360; 1440 Engelken ibid. p. 362
Early New High German
1410 Engel (nom) mairhofer DCXCI; 1497 Engell Nurn1497 p. 2
The Netherlands
1593 Ingel MagMiddelburg-1560; 1594 Ingel ibid.; 1595 Ingel ibid.; 1596 Ingel ibid.; 1597 Ingel ibid.; 1598 Ingel ibid.; 1599 Engel ibid.
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