Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Emery m. The name Emery has a variety of distinct origins, which from an early date cannot be separated from each other. It can be Proto-Germanc *amal 'vigor, bravery', Old High German heim, Old Frankish *haim 'home', or Old High German ermen, Old Saxon irmin 'great, strong' + Old High German rih 'ruler'.

The name of a 6th C king of the Visigoths, a 6th C king of Galicia, a 12th C king of Jerusalem, and a 12th-13th C king of Jerusalem.

Almaurry and the like represent metasthetized forms. Variants in Haim- are either derivatives of this name with an excrescent h or contain the prototheme Old High German heim, Old Frankish *haim 'home'. In France, the popularity of the name was strengthened by its appearance as the name of a legendary hero in the chansons de geste and the Matter of France.

Middle French
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1597 Iemrih Susedgrad1597 p. 30, Iemryh ibid. p. 30
Middle English
1429 Emery WillsInv LV
Middle Low German
1592 Emma (gen) Tiik1977 p. 285, Emme (gen) ibid. p. 285, Ryke ibid. p. 285
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Old French
1291 Esmauri (obl) HistHdVParis p. 108; 1292 Amaury (obl) MemBret-I 1102; 1296 Amauri paris1296 p. 31, Hemeri ibid. p. 35; c1298 Almaury (obl) HistHdVParis p. 137, Aymauris (obl) ibid. p. 138; 1313 Emaurri Paris1313 p. 10
Middle French
1358 Almary LeCoq p. 375; 1386 Amauri MemBret-II col. 514, Amaury ibid. col. 513; 1387 Hemery beauchet-vol1 p. 15; 1392 Emery MemBret-II col. 607; 1415[1469x1471] Amourry Waurin p. 226; 1418 Almaurry HGParis p. 382, Amaulrry DdB1418 p. 206; 1421 Almaurry favier 52, Emery ibid. 471; 1438 Amaury ibid. 396, Emery ibid. 269
1142 Ermericus (nom) mairhofer XIII; 1219 Emelricus (nom) quix-vol1 73; 1401 Emerico (dat) HD1401 no. 362
1317 Emerici (gen) CDH-VIII-II XV, Emerico (abl) ibid. X
1096 Almerich (nom) UrkStyria 88; 1126 Aimerici (gen) ibid. 116; 1173 Almerici (gen) SDE3 V, Almericum (acc) ibid. V, Almericus (nom) ibid. V; 1265x1339 Ameri (gen) BBC-Berg 34; 1326 Almerico (abl) Friuli-14thC no. 441
1192 Amalricus (nom) CDCB-XV MMCCVIII; 1487 Aymericus (nom) carbonell-I p. 10; 1491 Aymerich (nom) ibid. p. 65
1134 Amarico (abl) CartHaut 1; 1161 Amalrico (abl) ibid. 11
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