Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Eleazar m. Hebrew אֶלְעָזָר 'God has helped'.

The name of a number of Biblical characters, one of the Maccabean martyrs, a 4th C martyr, a 5th C French saint, a 5th C Italian saint, a 9th C Byzantine saint, a 14th C Serbian prince, and a 15th C Serbian prince. Wycliffite Bible (1395): Eleazar, Lazarus.

Lazarus is the Latinized form. Most commonly, Eleazar is used to refer to the Old Testament figures, while Lazarus refers to the New Testament figure.

1585 Eleazar AuFr Berntsz
Early Modern English
1597 Eleasor StAnthonlin p. 38
c1120 Eleazar (nom) CartNoyers CDXXXVI; 1124 Eleazar (nom) CartNDJosaphat XIII
Middle French
1563 Eléazar RegPCC-1 p. 30; 1565 Eléazar ibid. p. 113; 1566 Eleazar ibid. p. 205, Eléazar ibid. p. 224; 1567 Eléazar ibid. p. 294; 1568 Eléazar ibid. p. 363; 1571 Eléazar ibid. p. 448
1113 Eleazar (gen) CartNDJosaphat III; 1265x1339 Laçari (gen) BBC-Berg 442; 1376 Lazaro (abl) DouGen1 p. 115; 1464 Lazarus (nom) CUP-III-I CCXXXI; 1527 Lazari (gen) Rome1527 p. 88
1376 Lazarini (gen) DouGen1 p. 238, Lazarino (abl) ibid. p. 17; 1464 Lazarinus (nom) CUP-III-I CCXXXI
1513x1521 Lazaro LeoX p. 17, Lazzaro ibid. p. 14
1292 Lazar (nom) RigSB 151
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