Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Edgar m. Old English ēad 'riches, wealth' + Old English gār 'spear'.

the name of a 10th C king of England, an 11th C (uncrowned) king of England, and an 11th-12th C king of the Scots.

For the Germanic cognate, see Otger.

966 Eadgar (nom) CDAS DXXIX, Eadgari (gen) ibid. DXXVIII, Eadgaro (abl) ibid. DXXIX, Eadgarus (nom) ibid. DXXVIII; 967 Eadgar (nom) ibid. DXXXII, Eadgarus (nom) ibid. DXXXII; 1185x1186 Ædgari (gen) PR-XXXVI p. 22; 1222 Edgarii (gen) StPaulDom p. 14, Edgaro (abl) ibid. p. 14, edgari (gen) ibid. p. 63
Old English
966 Eádgáres (gen) CDAS DXXX
1093x1097 Edgaro (abl) ESC XIII; 1094 Eadgari (nom) ibid. XII; 1095 Edgari (gen) ibid. XV, Edgarus (nom) ibid. XV, Egari (gen) ibid. XV; 1095x1100 Eadgarus (nom) ibid. XVI; 1097x1107 Edgarus (nom) ibid. XXIII; c1098 Edgarus (nom) ibid. XVIII; c1100 Eadgarus (nom) ibid. XIX, Edgarus (nom) ibid. XXI; c1105 Ædgari (gen) ibid. XXIV, Ædgarus (nom) ibid. XXIV; 1107x1117 Eadgarus (nom) ibid. XXXIII; c1110 Eadgari (gen) ibid. XXVI; c1117 Eadgarus (nom) ibid. XXIX; 1118 Eadgari (gen) ibid. XXXI; c1118 Eadgari (gen) ibid. XXXII; 1118 Eadgarus (nom) ibid. XXXI
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