Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Dominica f. Latin dominica 'of the Lord'.

The name was originally given to children born on Sunday, dies dominica. Later, it was also used as a feminine of Dominic, in honor of the important saint by that name.

814 Dominica (nom) StVdM-II B1; c823 Dominica (nom) irminon-vol2 38, Palatiolum
961 domeneca (abl) CDC-II CCXII; 1527 Dominica (nom) Rome1527 p. 87
1522x1532 Meneca (nom) DSF p. 59, 43, Menechella (nom) ibid. p. 51, 11, Minichella (nom) ibid. p. 52, 31; 1527 Menica (nom) Rome1527 p. 89
1276 dominice (gen) CDGH XLVI; 1491 Domenega (nom) carbonell-I p. 61
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