Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Bjorn m. Old English bera, *beorn, Old High German, Old Saxon bero, Old Icelandic bjǫrn 'bear' from Proto-Germanic *bernuz.

The name of several early legendary kings of Sweden, a 9th C Swedish king, a 9th-10th C Swedish king, a semi-legendary 10th C Swedish king, a 10th C king of Norway, and a 10th C king of Sweden.

909 Berno (nom) St-Bernard-Romans no. 77; 11thC Berno (nom) ibid. no. 115
822x875 Bern (nom) TradCorb §26; 1255 Bernonem (acc) hennes-vol1 157
Middle Icelandic
1495 Biorn (nom) DipIs-7 307, Biorns (gen) ibid. 307, Biỏrns (gen) ibid. 307; 1500 Biorn (nom) ibid. 489, Biorns (gen) ibid. 489
1300 bero (nom) SDHK no. 1873; 1350 Bero (nom) ibid. no. 6032, Byernoni (dat) ibid. no. 6060, Byernonis (gen) ibid. no. 6060
Middle Norwegian
1383 Biærne (unc) SRA-vol2 no. 1915
Old Swedish
1383 Biorns (gen) SRA-vol2 no. 1922, Biörn ibid. no. 1911, Byorn ibid. no. 1900, Byorns (gen) ibid. no. 1918; 1409 Biorn (gen) SDHK no. 17265, Biorns (gen) ibid. no. 17273, Biør (gen) ibid. no. 17263, Biørns (gen) ibid. no. 17273, Biørs (gen) ibid. no. 17273
Early Modern Swedish
1543 Biörs (gen) Audén1980 p. 163
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