Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Benjamin m. Hebrew בִּנְיָמִין 'son of the right hand'.

The name of one of the twelves sons of a Biblical patriarch later venerated as a saint, a 5th C Persian martyr, a 9th-10th C ruler of the Khazars, and a 14th C pope of Alexandria. Wycliffite Bible (1395): Beniamyn, Benjamin. Geneva Bible (1560): Beniamín.

1571 Benjamin AuFr Artis; 1577 Benjamin ibid. Boel; 1583 Benjamin ibid. Berntz; 1596 Benjamin ibid. Dries; 1598 Benjamin ibid. Dries; 1599 Benjamin ibid. Frederick
Early Modern English
1587 Benjamin StAnthonlin p. 32; 1588 Beniamy OrpingtonKe p. 8; 1593 Benjamin StAnthonlin p. 36; 1597 Beniamen bruton1 p. 11; 1598 Beniamin ibid. p. 56
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Middle French
1561 Benjamin RegPCC-1 p. 5; 1564 Benjamin ibid. p. 53; 1565 Benjamin ibid. p. 185; 1567 Benjamin ibid. p. 321
Early New High German
1554 Benjamin (nom) MHCG2 332
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