Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Autbert m. Old High German ōt, Old Saxon ōd 'wealth, riches' or Gothic audags 'happy' + Old High German beraht, Old Saxon berht 'bright' from Proto-Germanic *berhtaz.

Aubert can be a form of this name or of Albert; in many cases it is impossible to tell which is the root. Similarly, Autbert can also be a form of Altbert.

658 Adebertus (nom) DCEL-2 CCCXXXIII; c823 Autbertus (nom) irminon-vol2 14, Gaugiacum; c1040 Autberto (abl) StVdM-II 671; 1044 Autbertus (nom) ibid. 659; 1131 Audeberti (gen) CartNDSaintes XXII, Audebertus (nom) ibid. XXIII; 1378 Audeberti (gen) hanquetvol1 1303
Middle French
1418 Audebert DdB1418 p. 200, HGParis p. 376; 1423 Audebert favier 11
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