Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Adalsinde f. Old High German adal 'noble' + Old Saxon swīth, Gothic swinþs from Proto-Germanic *swinþaz 'strong'.

The name of a 7th C French saint and an 8th C saint.

657 Adalsinda (nom) DCEL-2 CCCXXVIII, Adalsindæ (gen) ibid. CCCXXVIII; 814 Adalsinda (nom) StVdM-II G14; c823 Adalsindis (nom) irminon-vol2 4, Palatiolum, Adalsundis (nom) ibid. 21, CE, Alsindis (nom) ibid. 25, CE; 11thC Adalsenda (nom) StVdM-II 710
1265x1339 Alsenda (nom) BBC-Berg 241
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