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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Roman m. Latin romanus 'a Roman'.

The name of a 3rd C legendary saint, a 4th C martyr, a 5th C saint, a 6th C saint, a 9th C pope, two 10th C Byzantine emperors, a 10th C emperor of Bulgaria, the birthname of an 11th C pope, the name of two 11th C Byzantine emperors, a 12th C grand prince of Kiev and Novgorod, a 12th-13th C grand prince of Kiev, a 14th C voivode of Romania, and a 15th C co-ruler of Romania.

1594 Romein AuFr Dhooge; 1598 Romein ibid. Dhooge
Early Modern Swedish
1582 Romana (nom) Audén1980 p. 172
909 Romanus (nom) St-Bernard-Romans no. 77; 1080x1105 Romanus (nom) StVdM-II 699; 1082x87 Romanus (nom) St-Bernard-Romans no. 120; 1115 Romanus (nom) CartNDJosaphat V; 1132 Romanus (nom) clairvaux-12thc 5; 1300 Romani (gen) St-Bernard-Romans 382; 1378 Romanus (nom) hanquetvol1 947; 1038x? Romani (gen) St-Bernard-Romans 122
1300 Romaneti (gen) St-Bernard-Romans 382, Romanetus (nom) ibid. 382
Old French
1296 Rommain paris1296 p. 63
Middle French
1561 Rommain RegPCC-1 p. 3; 1563 Romain ibid. p. 27, Rommain ibid. p. 22; 1564 Romain ibid. p. 99; 1565 Romain ibid. p. 180; 1567 Rommain ibid. p. 281; 1568 Romain ibid. p. 417
1216 Romanus (nom) hennes-vol1 25
1224 Romanus (nom) UrkRott-1 17; 1348 Romani (gen) INP 17
1551x1555 Roman (nom) Kaunas2006 p. 84; 1561x1565 Roman (nom) ibid. p. 84
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