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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Marcel m. Latin Marcellus, a cognomen of the Claudian gens originally a diminutive of Latin Marcus (v. Mark).

The name of a 4th C pope and a 16th C pope.

The French dim. Marceau is a vocalic form of Marcel.

1047x1061 Marcelli (gen) CartNDSaintes XX; 1269x70 Marcelli (gen) NDParisII 2-XXXII; 1273 Marcelli (gen) ibid. 2-XLIII
Old French
1296 Marciau paris1296 p. 15; 1313 Marceau Paris1313 p. 25, Marciau ibid. p. 37
Middle French
1418 Marceau HGParis p. 376; 1423 Marcel favier 428; 1565 Marceau RegPCC-1 p. 176
1418 Marcelet HGParis p. 387; 1421 Marcelet favier 970; 1423 Marcelet ibid. 4; 1438 Marcelet ibid. 55
1324 Marcelli (gen) CDH-VIII-II CCLXX
1326 Marcelli (gen) Friuli-14thC no. 440; 1522x1532 Marcello (nom) DSF p. 53, 37; 1527 Marcelli (gen) Rome1527 p. 90
1376 Marcelino (abl) DouGen1 p. 86; 1527 Marcellini (gen) Rome1527 p. 89
The Netherlands
1581 Marcellus MagMiddelburg-1560; 1582 Marcellus ibid.
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