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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Gilo m. A hypocoristic of any of various names beginning with Proto-Germanic *gailaz 'merry, excited; beautiful; lush, lustful'.

Old French
1262 Gilon (obl) OvdFB 5
1138x1162 Gilo (nom) clairvaux-12thc 63; 1147 Gilo (nom) ibid. 14; c1150 Gilonis (gen) CartNDdOurscamp CXIII; 1163 Gillonis (gen) clairvaux-12thc 99, Gilo (nom) ibid. 101; 1179 Gilo (nom) ibid. 180; 1231 Gilo (nom) NDParisII 2-CV; 1258 Gilo (nom) ArrestReg-volI XXVIII, Pentecost, Gilone (abl) ibid. XXVIII, Pentecost, Gilonem (acc) ibid. XXVIII, Pentecost; 1260 Gillo (acc) ibid. VIII, Ascension, Gilo (nom) ibid. X, St. Martin; 1261 Gilo (nom) ibid. IV, St. Martin, Gilone (abl) ibid. IV, St. Martin; 1301 Gilonis (gen) MemPic-vol17 p. 253
1376 Gilletus (nom) St-Bernard-Romans 383
Old French
1296 Gillo paris1296 p. 34
1301 Gillon (obl) MemPic-vol17 p. 233
1300 Gilonem (acc) ActDipVeneto-I-1 p. 47
1510 Gil valencia1510 3450
1495 Gil montalvo
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