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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Everwin m. Old High German ebur 'boar' + Old High German wini 'friend'.

699 Ebruinus (nom) DCEL-2 Add. X; 700 Ebroino (abl) ibid. XIV; 814 Ebroinus (nom) StVdM-II H5
Old French
1313 Evroin Paris1313 p. 1
699 Ebroinus (nom) DCEL-2 XI; 822x875 Euuerwini (abl) TradCorb §20, Ewurwini (nom) ibid. §40; 1142 Eberwinus (nom) mairhofer XIII; 1151 Eberwinus (nom) ibid. XXXVIII; 1153 Euerwinus (nom) quix-vol1 30; 1173 Euerwino (abl) ibid. 99; 1253 Eberwinus (nom) hennes-vol1 145; 1255 Eberwino (abl) ibid. 156
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