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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Ebbo m. A hypocoristic of any of various names beginning with Old High German ebur 'boar'.

957x991 Ebo (nom) St-Bernard-Romans no. 81; 958x992 Ebo (nom) ibid. no. 87, Eboni (gen) ibid. no. 87
1179 Ebali (gen) clairvaux-12thc 169
834 Ebone (abl) HambUrk-vol1 VIII; 842 Ebone (abl) ibid. X; 864 Ebone (abl) ibid. XVI; 865 Ebo (nom) ibid. XVII; 1076 Ebbone (abl) quix-vol1 47; 1130 Eppo (nom) ibid. 63; 1149 Eppo (nom) mairhofer XXX; 1224 Eppo (nom) CDL-1.1.1 VIII
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