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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Desiderius m. Latin desiderius 'longed for, desired; favorite'.

The name of a 4th C marytr, four 7th C Frankish saints, an 8th C Lombard king, an 8th C Italian saint, the birth name of an 11th C pope, and the birth name of the 15th-16th C Humanist better known as Erasmus.

1106 Desiderio (abl) CartStBert 2
628 Desiderio (abl) DCEL-2 CCXLIV, Desiderium (acc) ibid. CCXLIV, Desiderius (nom) ibid. CCXLIV; 629 Desiderium (acc) ibid. CCXLVI, Desiderius (nom) ibid. CCXLVI; 694 Desiderius (nom) ibid. Add. VI; 952x100 Desiderius (nom) St-Bernard-Romans no. 101; 958x992 Disderio (abl) ibid. no. 87; 1052 Desiderii (gen) ibid. no. 85, Desiderius (nom) ibid. no. 85; 1060 Desiderius (nom) StVdM-II 730; 1083 Desiderio (abl) St-Bernard-Romans no. 119; 1378 Desiderii (gen) hanquetvol1 226, Desiderio (dat) ibid. 104; 1038x? Desiderii (gen) St-Bernard-Romans 122
1197 Desiderius (nom) quix-vol1 83
1510 Desideri valencia1510 888
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