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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Cunigunde f. Gothic kuni 'kin, family' + Old High German gund 'war, battle'.

The name of a 9th C queen of East Franconia, a 9th C queen of the Lombards, an 11th C Holy Roman empress and saint, a 13th C Polish saint, and two 13th C queens consort of Bohemia.

Czech Republic
1353 Cuncze (dat) chlumecky 136, Cunehunda (nom) ibid. 7, p. 21, Cunhunde (dat) ibid. 61
1349 Cuncze (dat) chlumecky 51; 1353 Cunca (nom) ibid. 145; 1356 Cunce (dat) ibid. 143; 1358 Kuncze (dat) ibid. 230, p. 31
1003 Conigunda (abl) HambUrk-vol1 LVI; 1010 Cunigunde (abl) quix-vol1 84; 1018 Kunigunde (gen) ibid. 57; 1207 Cunegundis (nom) hennes-vol1 8; 1216 Kunigundis (gen) ibid. 24; 1249 Kunegundis (gen) ibid. 131, Kunegundym (acc) ibid. 131
Early New High German
1497 Kungund Nurn1497 66, Kungunt ibid. 2734
1345 Conegundis (nom) RigSB 296
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