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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Ademar m. Old High German adal 'noble', reduced to ad in Old Frankish + Old High German, Old Saxon māri from Proto-Germanic *mērijaz 'famous'.

Cf. Aylmer, Otmar.

c823 Ademarus (nom) irminon-vol2 8, Wan; 952x993 Ademari (gen) St-Bernard-Romans 132; 1046 Ademari (gen) ibid. 123, Ademarus (nom) ibid. 123; 1067x1086 Ademaro (dat) CartNDSaintes XIV, Ademarus (nom) ibid. XIV; 1083 Ademari (gen) St-Bernard-Romans no. 119; 1096 Ademari (gen) ibid. 138; 1239 Ademaro (abl) ibid. 382b; 1378 Ademaro (dat) hanquetvol1 885, Ademarus (nom) ibid. 902
1011 Ademar (nom) CDCB-XV MMCLXX; 1020 Ademar (nom) ibid. MMCLXXV; 1190 Ademar (nom) ibid. MMCCVI, Ademari (gen) ibid. MMCCVI, Ademarus (nom) ibid. MMCCVI
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