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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources
Paul S. N. Russell-Gebbett. Mossèn pere pujol's documents en vulgar dels segles xi, xii, & xiii ... (barcelona, 1913): A partial retranscription and commentary. In W. Rothwell, W. R. J. Barron, David Blamires, and Lewis Thorpe, editors, Studies in Medieval Literature and Languages: In Memory of Frederick Whitehead, pages 257-277. Manchester University Press, 1973.
Adalet Adalez Azalet Brunissen Ermengod Ermesen Gauceran Golceran Guialma Guiem Guilelmo Guilem Guitard Lorenz Loucia Maria Maria Ponç Ponz Raimun Raimundo Ramona Remon Remon Stefania