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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Wenceslas m. Slavic veli, vyache, więce 'great, more, large' + Slavic sława, slava 'glory, fame'.

The name of a 10th C duke of Bohemia and saint, a 13th C king of Bohemia, a 13th-14th C king of Bohemia, a 14th C king of Bohemia, the birth name of a 14th C king of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, and a 14th-15th C king of Bohemia.

Czech Republic
1345 Wenceslavs (nom) CDEM-7.2 614; 1349 Wenceslaus (nom) chlumecky 34, Wencezlao (dat) ibid. 112, Wencezslaus (nom) ibid. 112; 1350 Wenceslao (dat) ibid. 165, Wenceslaus (nom) ibid. 157; 1351 Wenczeslao (dat) ibid. 54; 1353 Wenczeslaus (nom) ibid. 112
Middle Low German
1592 Wentz Tiik1977 p. 288
1225 Wentzlaus (nom) hennes-vol1 68; 1401 Wentzelao (dat) HD1401 no. 256
Early New High German
1497 Wentzel Nurn1497 1493, Wentzell ibid. 556
1304 Vencezlaus (nom) Slíz p. 501, s.n. Wynzlow; 1317 venchezlao (dat) ibid. p. 501, s.n. Wynzlow; 1332x1337 Wenceslaus (nom) ibid. p. 502, s.n. Wynzlow
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