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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Regina f. Latin regina 'queen'.

The name of a 3rd C French martyr.

Early Modern English
1562/3 Regina RegBisham p. 1
1138x62 Regina (nom) clairvaux-12thc 79, Regine (gen) ibid. 79; 1147 Regina (abl) ibid. 19; 1171 Regina (abl) ibid. 142, Regine (gen) ibid. 145; 1172 Regina (abl) ibid. 149; 1179 Regina (abl) ibid. 174, Regine (gen) ibid. 174; 1180 Regine (gen) RotScaNor p. 16
1265x1339 Rayna (nom) BBC-Berg 62, Regina (nom) ibid. 89
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